Can sports supplements really boost the impact of antidepressants?

If you have been taking any prescription grade antidepressants but are still struggling a little bit, it may be time to begin taking advantage of sports focused supplements in conjunction with those medications.

New research coming out of the University of Melbourne in Australia points to close links between sports-based supplements and significantly improved functionality from common prescription grade antidepressants – giving users the ability to tremendously improve the results they get from their antidepressants without having to increase dosages or deal with significant side effects.

Those that haven’t been able to really enjoy all of the benefits that specific antidepressants are supposed to provide have been turning to sports related supplements to improve their mood for a while now, but it’s nice to know – from medical experts – that there is a close link between these improve results and the use of supplements in conjunction with prescription meds.

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More than 40 clinical trials have been conducted and the verdict is in

Sports supplements like vitamin D, fish oil, and a handful of multivitamins have all been clinically proven – through more than 40 different trials – to effectively improve the results produced by prescription grade antidepressants.

More than 1000 individuals were tested throughout these 40 clinical trials, and the research group conducted the study over a 10 year span of time. Experts from all over the world have had the opportunity to peer review the information that’s been released to the medical community and the world at large, and the verdict is in:


It is in fact possible to dramatically boost the benefits one in joy’s from prescription grade antidepressants with nothing more than a couple of fish oil capsules, a boost of vitamin D, or regular dosages of a reliable multivitamin.

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You are in control of your happiness

This is fantastic news for a variety of different reasons, but the biggest one has to be the fact that people are now going to be able to control their mood and fight against depression without having to turn to significantly higher (and potentially dangerous) dosages of antidepressants.

You’ll be in complete and total control of your happiness once again and you won’t have to put your health at risk. They’ll be no long-term or short-term side effects (outside of those already present in prescription grade antidepressants), and your doctor will be able to closely monitor the situation so that you aren’t ever in danger.