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Depending upon which research study you give the most weight, anywhere between 60% and almost 90% of all adults in the United Kingdom (and billions of people all over the world) are dealing with constant and chronic pain that really debilitate severe ability to lead happy and healthy lives.

Most are dealing with some kind of back pain (lower back pain is a serious culprit that robs people of their energy and their strength), while others are fighting through knee pain, joint pain, arthritis, and a whole host of other issues that really cuts down on their quality of life.

There are some solutions to fight back against pain, however, and we’ve included some of the smartest ones below.

OTC painkillers

Over-the-counter (OTC) painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications can help to significantly reduce swelling, boost and improve circulation, and generally provide you with just enough painkilling properties to get you through the day.

Though nowhere near as potent as prescription medications (something that we recommended below), they often get the job done in a pinch.

Exercise and physical therapy

At the same time, OTC painkillers aren’t going to ever be able to cure or remedy the root cause of the pain in the first place – they just aren’t designed to do so.

That’s where exercise and physical therapy comes into play. Muscular imbalances, atrophied muscles, low levels of strength, and all kinds of other physical issues can contribute significantly to chronic and constant pain. With the right program, you’ll be able to heal your body and put an end to pain once and for all.

Acupuncture and yoga

Both of these practices used to be considered a little bit too “out there” for most mainstream folks to take advantage of when it came time to kill pain, but nothing could be further from the truth today.

Acupuncture and yoga go hand-in-hand with one another to provide a holistic approach to devastating pain completely and giving you the kind of happy and healthy lifestyle you deserve while also improving your overall well-being.

Prescription medications

At the end of the day, prescription grade painkillers can be the ultimate fix for those that are dealing with seriously debilitating painful conditions. You’ll be able to utilize these prescription drugs to beat pain once and for all, though you’ll want to make sure that you are using them appropriately and as directed by a medical professional. In the UK, you can buy cocodamol 30/500 online here as well as and other strong prescription painkillers.  This is not possible in the US where these medications are much more tightly controlled. Cocodamol 30/500 is a particularly effective medication for moderate to severe pain as it combines two well-known painkillers, codeine phosphate 30mg and paracetamol 500mg.

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